About Us

Aquaverse is the best aquarium shops in Marathahalli and Indiranagar, Bangalore. We are selling products with proper guidance for your fish health. We have supreme and talented employees who are always ready to help with their knowledge and hard work.

Who we are?


e Aquaverse are unique among the other fish aquarium stores that not only sells aquarium products but also provides information and advice about setting up aquariums and the right way of maintaining it.

Aquaverse was built for aquarium hobbyists. The main objective of Aquaverse has since been to provide its clients with quarantined and well conditioned live ornamental freshwater and marine fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants, and to culture a sense of responsible fish keeping in Aquarists for maintaining their fish and aquariums in pristine conditions.

A fish tank has the potential of having many health benefits. With the correct placement, setup and care, the aquarium is a perfect combination of harmony and balance.

Over the years, we have satisfied large number of clients with beautiful fishes and advanced aquariums. We have wide range of excellent quality and healthy food for fish. It is our duty to keep your fish healthy and give you all the necessary details about their nature, for which, we have employed some of the best intelligent people in our company.We Aquaverse takes pride in delivering industry’s finest fish and fish aquarium in Bangalore at the most competitive and reasonable rates. We have supreme and talented employees who are always ready to help with their knowledge and hard work. Our employees are dedicated to achieve company’s goals by delivering outstanding services.


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Your dreams comes true with Aquaverse.

Whether you are considering installing the aquarium of your dreams or you already have an aquarium that is less than the one of your dreams we aquaverse has a solution far superior to anything you will find at the local pet store. Each aquarium system differs from the next, hence our maintenance regime is tailored made to suit your needs and busy lifestyle.

We have well experienced team to guide you.

We are unique among all another fish aquarium in Bangalore. We provide not only fishes and their foods but also unique plants. We will do maintenance whenever it is required. With a highly experienced team, we will guide you to setup the best aquarium as per your requirements.

We there to assist you through the complete process, hassle-free. In case you already own a tank, and just got bored of the way it looks, We’ll redesign it for you.

We are No.1 store for selling branded Products in Bangalore.

Right from Fish, Fish Foods, Substrates, Air Pumps, Heater, Fish Tank, Aquarium Plants, Filters, Liquid, soil, Fish medicines and accessories etc. You name it, we have it. All the top brands in fish keeping are available with us.

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